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(#1401) Cathy S (Stone Mountain, GA)
8/20/2016 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 39th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Originally from Cartersville, now a member of the very enthusiastic 5th Traditions Group in Atlanta, Cathy is sober 9 years since 1/4/2007 - not her original date.

The great part of her story is how she was speaking at AA events high and then had to humble herself in front of her group and the AA community.

"If there is a mistake to make in Alcoholics Anonymous, I've done it and I can't even use the excuse that I'm new."

Great share.

Thank you Cathy.

Her husband John shared two years earlier at the same event:

John S at Cartersville 2014

(1 hr 11 min) (12.2 MB) (id#1401)