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(#1765) Bob S, Jr (Nocoma, TX)
11/15/1986 in Ft Walton Beach, FL  EVENT: Gulf Coast Roundup #18  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

Dr. Bob's Son

Known to many as "Smitty" and a member of Al-Anon 7 years since around May 1979, he shares what brought him into the sister program of the one his father helped found in 1935.

His wife Betty was sober 7 years 8 months and 2 days at the time of this talk.

His mother Anne, Bill W called the mother of AA.

Smitty shares little jewels like:

  • the early member who chased Anne through the house with a butcher knife
  • his father's birds-and-bees talk with him
  • the day he took his dad to meet Bill W for the first time
  • taking his dad to Vermont one last time after the first AA International in 1950
  • the purchase and active restoration of his boyhood home on Ardmore in Akron, OH

This tape was not labeled as Dr. Bob's son and was thrown in a box with others at an AA event where I grabbed a handful without looking.

A gift to all of us I hope now that it is shared.

Smitty's wife Betty told her AA story in Memphis in 1995:

Betty S of Nacoma, TX at Memphis, TN 1995

Smitty told his story in 2003 after Betty died:

Bob S, Jr (AFG) of Memphis, TN at Marietta, GA 2003

(54 min) (12.4 MB) (id#1765)