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(#1104) Betty S (Nacona, TX)
1/14/1995 in Springfield, MO  EVENT: 50th Anniversary of AA in Springfield  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

Dr. Bob's Daughter-in-Law

Sober 15 years since 3/13/1979, Betty was married to AA co-founder Dr. Bob and Anne Smith's son Robert Holbrook Smith, Jr, known as "Smitty".

She is sharing her story at the 50th Anniversary of AA in Springfield, MO.

She considers her sobriety date the day she started to become "recycled". She was also a fully qualified member of Al-Anon as was her husband Smitty.

Her talk was immediately followed by Geneva from Joplin MO who was sober 51 years at age 90.

(33 min) (7.6 MB) (id#1104)