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(#1681) Bob D - ESH (Las Vegas, NV)
2/18/2017 in Hebron, KY  EVENT: 66th Kentucky State AA Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 38 years since 10/31/1978, this is Bob sharing his story of recovery. He says at the start,

"If you're new, welcome. This is different...As a matter of fact, we probably know more about you than you do. We know that you've been worrying about yourself alot lately...Money's been a problem, hasn't it?...Nobody really understands you. And the reason we know that about you is, that's us."

Earlier in the day he held a workshop on: Spiritual Principals for Shinking Ego

Bob D - Spiritual Principals for Shinking Ego - 2017 at Hebron, KY

(1 hr 12 min) (12.4 MB) (id#1681)