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(#1593) Bill S - Presence (Roswell, GA)
4/30/2016 in Kennesaw, GA  EVENT: 25th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

Practicing the Presence of God

Sober some 34 years since 1982, Bill explores the topic on Saturday morning of the Roundup.

When Bill came into AA, he did not want to have anything to do with God. He was raised Southern Baptist and the family went several times a week.

When he went to college he began to get a different master.

Alcoholics often find it difficult to make the decision between an alcoholic death and a life lived on a spiritual basis.

Bill heard a talk by Bill H of Roanoke, VA, 33 years sober speaking at the Atlanta Men's Workshop, on "Practicing the Presence of God".

Bill H said, "For the next minute I want you to be silent and I want you to feel God's Presence in this room this morning."

Forty seconds into the silence and unplanned, the chimes at the camp started playing Amazing Grace.

Bill told his story on Sunday at this event:

Bill S at Kennesaw, GA 2016 - His Story

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