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(#1595) Bill S - ESH (Roswell, GA)
5/1/2016 in Kennesaw, GA  EVENT: 25th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober some 34 years since 1982, Bill went to college at the University of Georgia in Athens.

While there and drinking, he accidently shot and paralyzed his friend.

Shortly after that incident he tried to kill himself but by a miracle he was discovered in time.

He was many years before and after sobriety in the broadcasting industry.

He has been very active in the bi-annual Atlanta Men's Workshop from right after it began.

It is now about to hold its 71st retreat at the Rock Eagle 4-H camp in Georgia.

A gentle soul and fine member of AA.


Biil did a workshop at the same event on Practicing the Presence of God:

Bill S Workshop at Kennesaw GA 2016

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