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(#640) Arbutus O (Brownwood, TX)
10/14/1998 in Urbana, IL  EVENT: "Soberfest" in Urbana, IL - October 14th 1998  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Attending meetings since 1948, Arbutus is convinced the early family members adopted the program for themselves after seeing how well it worked for their alcoholic family members. It is about Family Recovery.

She watched her husband loose everything he valued, even an arm in a car accident, held drunken women in her arms and wanted so bad to help but they would not let her. She understands alcoholism but is powerless to help.

This talk was given prior to Bill's death in 1999. She was taking a break from care giving for Bill to travel to Urbana. In this talk Arbutus tells her story. For a Question and Answer format listen to her 2004 talk in Marietta, GA.

(48 min) (11 MB) (id#640)