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(#101) Allyson Z (Roswell, GA)
2/26-28/2010 in Lake Lanier Islands, GA  EVENT: 32nd Alanon Pineisle Fellowship  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Speaking at an Al-anon conference. Young with enthusiasm, passion and reaches out to young people in the program.

Sobriety date 1/25/2002 at 22 year old. First drink at 8 years old on straight scotch watching the Brady Bunch. Alcohol was quickly not enough and switched to huffing Scotch Guard. Nobody knew.

Her brother in and out of treatment, parents having problems, too, used it as an excuse. Made great grades, star athlete but with a secret night life. By 8th grade she used and drank every day.

Relationship problems, lying, stealing. Went to Peachford in Atlanta and AA at the 8111 Club at 13 years old. Could not identify with all these old guys. Asked if she was willing to go to any length to get sober. Could stay sober for 30 days at a time. Went on like that and was miserable.

Could not maintain the double life. Tried to kill her mom with a hammer with a plan to then be able to fly to Puerto Rico and be able to drink and use all day. At 14 left home and did whatever needed to drink and use. Later moved back with her dad.

Went in treatment voluntarily for 14+ months from ages 15 to 17. Best thing that could have happened. Got honest for first time in life.

Moved home, back to school but didn't change the people, places and things or work the steps. Drank again. Obsession kicked in. Got a DUI.

Became a dealer at college. Started hiding bottles and obsessing. Met a guy who had her quit drugs but booze OK. Secretly drinking - blacking out - shame and guilt.

Boyfriend gave ultimatum. Came to AA to friends who missed her and has been sober since.

Click here to hear her mom Ann H. Who spoke at the same conference.

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