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(#102) Ann H (Atlanta, GA)
Feb 26-28-2010 in Lake Lanier Islands, GA  EVENT: 32nd Alanon Pineisle Fellowship  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Adopted, Ann grew up in an alcoholic home with many alcoholics on both sides and married into one. Mom was the closet drinker, rager and untreated Al-anon.

Had two brothers. One brother was killed in auto accident when she was ten. The family changed from that point. Mom refused to have his name mentioned or pictures in showing. Dad would secretly go to the grave.

Second brother was Ann's mentor - very positive attention. Watched out for her. Ann experimented with alcohol in HS - had a great time. Never had friends over. Brother pushed her to go to college. Never did drugs. Did not like the way it booze made her feel the next day.

Met and married a pilot heading to Vietnam. Had a child while still in school. Knew her biological parents. Husband stationed in Europe but insisted she stay to finish school. Ann graduated and went to Europe.

He was a functioning alcoholic. Back in USA they lived with and came to love her mother-in-law. Husband had also lost a brother. This bothered her. They both loved her as she was.

Moved to Atlanta. Ann's father passed suddenly when she was 27 years old. Mother wanted to not talk about it but Ann insisted they not repeat the old mistake.

Ann is Allyson Z.'s mother who has a recording here on WeJoy.
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