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(#777) A.A. in Eastern Europe (NY,Germany,Poland,Ukraine, Belarus,Hungary)
July 1995 in San Diego, CA  EVENT: AA International 1995  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical

AAI95-AA And Eastern Europe

This is a jewel. The Iron Curtain had lifted and AA was beginning to take root. The effort of these early pioneers is fascinating and inspiring. We are so fortunate in the USA to have AA so readily available.

I believe the chair is Billy N, NY - trustee of the GSO, though where he mentions his name in the beginning is cut off.

Helmut of Germany Speaks of his efforts to start AA in Hungary - amazing.

John S- of New Jersey and the Ukraine is a delightful substitute for the planned speaker.

Velodia (sp?) of Belarus, 3.5 years sober, speaks through an interpreter about losing it all, homeless, and getting a new life.

Ulie of Germany, got sober in Frankfurt and is back in his hometown of Berlin where he is involved in service.

Bila of Hungary speaks through an interpreter about the growth of AA in Budapest.

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