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(#2304) Afternoon Open Meeting (UK,TX,CA)
7/2/1955 in St. Louis, MO  EVENT: AA International 1955  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI55 - Afternoon Open Meeting

A Chair and four pioneer members of AA share their experience, strength and hope.

Chair: Pat C. of Minnesota was one of the first members of AA in his state and served as a Delegate on Panel 1 - 1951-52.

Ian P from Birmingham, UK - sober 3 years since 1952 - fourth member of AA in Birmingham

Steve from Birmingham, UK who introduced Ian to AA

Ester E of Dallas, TX - 14 years since May 1941 got sober in Houston then moved to Dallas.

Chuck C of Hollywood, CA - sober 9 years since January 1946. This portion of this session is on WeJoy as a separate entry. It is added here for continuity.

Chuck C of CA at St. Louis 1955

This session came to me as three separate MP3 files that needed to be enhanced and merged together. A master studio engineer I am not, but I do love these old recordings.

I think it is clear for the age of the recording and nature of the technology in 1955.

(1 hr 33 min) (16.1 MB) (id#2304)