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(#2302) Chuck C (Hollywood, CA)
7/1-3/1955 in St. Louis, MO  EVENT: AA International 1955  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

AAI55 - Chuck C

Sober 9 years since January 1946, Chuck stayed sober until his death in December 1984.

His men's retreats in 1963 and 1975 were recorded and the latter transcribed as the well-loved book, A New Pair of Glasses.

Here he is one of the speakers on a panel at the 2nd AA International.

The other speakers on the panel were not included in this version in the WeJoy collection though the Chair of the panel does share after Chuck.

Days after Bill W's death in January 1971, Chuck related how Bill had used Chuck as a sponsor until Chuck told him there was not much he could do for Bill's depression that he had not already done. Bill was released from his life-long struggle with depression some months later.

Bill and Lois and Chuck and his Al-Anon wife Elsa were frequent guests at each other's homes though they lived on opposite corners of the country.

A wonderful treasure I hope you enjoy.

Carbon Canyon Retreat - 1963

Pela Mesa Retreat (New Pair) 1975

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