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(#2292) AA in Corrective Institutions - Warden Duffy (San Quentin, CA)
7/29/1950 in Cleveland, OH  EVENT: AA International 1950  TYPE: Other, Male, Workshop, Historical

AAI50-AA in Corrective Institutions - Warden Duffy

Warden Clinton T. Duffy was a great friend of AA and a true pioneer in the adoption of the Program behind the walls in 1941.

In this vintage recording, he shares:

  • how he invited AA into San Quentin
  • how it was received at the first meeting
  • how it is organized
  • and a number of the success stories of those who got out and stayed sober

I was moved by the message but that might be due to my long involvement with AA in our local jail and the Sheriff's staff who have always been so supportive.

The good Warden was still helping us in this area in 1968 in Texas:

Warden Duffy in Lubbock, TX 1968

(52 min) (9.1 MB) (id#2292)