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(#2275) Warden Duffy (Chino, TX)
3/27/1968 in Lubbock, TX  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: Other, Male, Historical

Warden Clinton T. Duffy was managing San Quentin Prison in 1941 when he was inspired to invite AA meetings into the facility.

AA was very new and relatively unproven but gaining in credibility following the Jack Alexander article in the Saturday Evening Post that year.

Twenty-seven years later the Warden was still active as a friend and fan of AA.

The quality of this recording is excellent.

A much longer speech made in Long Beach, CA in 1957 is on WeJoy as well.

Warden Duffy in Long Beach, CA November 10, 1957

(26 min) (4.6 MB) (id#2275)