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(#1462) Yvonne S (Edmond, OK)
8/11/1977 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 24th Georgia State Convention and 33rd S.E. Regional  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 8 years since 2/11/1969, Scotch-Irish-Indian, Yvonne got sober in CA and moved back to OK.

Her mother is sober 26 years in OK.

"I don't think I came into AA to get sober...but to live in a world soberly."

Yvonne got hooked on speed many years before she came into AA.

She attended Law School in Washington, D.C. so she could be better than anyone else but felt only almost as good as the other girls. 2nd or 3rd place was the same as last place.

Passed the bar in 1959. Was law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Appeals court for 2 years.

She began mixing pills and alcohol. She had 3 children and moved to CA having not worked in several years. Became immaculate house cleaner.

Attended 1st AA meeting in Denver in 1959 but did not identify.

"Alcohol did that thing for me that no other human could do."

Went to second meeting in 1966 but was drunk in the bathroom crying. Went to next meeting in 1968 - none of the "yets" had happened. Listened to what alcohol was doing to people not what it was doing for them.

Thought if she moved to the beach things would be better but it did not work. Got hooked on morphine with help of a doctor. Blackouts for 4 months. Weighed 170 pounds. Stopped bathing. Stopped driving. Knew her mind was gone. Went to psychiatrists. Had a fear of sharp objects that she might be compelled to use them on her children. Afraid to sleep and afraid to get up.

First surrender to AA was 2/11/1969 - first lucid moment in 15 years - she called AA and 3 came to her house. Yvonne was able to listened to the girl who was sober 3 months rather than the one with 9 years.

At the next meeting she was told if she took all her fear and put in a ball and cut it in half - quitting drinking took away half and AA would help her get rid of the other half.

For 1.5 years she went to many meetings and was speaking at the podium but had not really taken the steps.

She finally took a solid 4th and 5th and did not drink.

"It was at that time that I began to see who Yvonne really was."

GSSA Cassette #C001-68

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