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(#807) Yvonne N (Edmond, OK)
10/16-19/1980 in Savannah, GA  EVENT: 27th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 11 years since 2/11/1969, Yvonne is an attorney and judge who comes from a family of alcoholics. Her mother got sober 29 years before this talk. So, Yvonne knew what it was like to grow up in an alcoholic home. Still she drank alcoholically from her first drink at age 16 but compensated by being an over achiever and amphetamine user.

She went to her first AA meeting in 1959 - she tried it and didn't like it. She loads this talk with experience about what works and the tragic failures when we stop working it.

NOTE: This recording is now complete. Before it ended premature but have found another version that had the ending. (12/27/16)

Cassette C00-0268 of GSSA Archives

(1 hr 23 min) (28.7 MB) (id#807)