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(#141) Wilma W. (Omaha, NE)
1986 in Cleveland, TX  EVENT:   TYPE: AA, Female, Story

She walked thru the doors of AA 3/26/1969 and has not found it necessary to take a drink since. Still feels the magic of AA.

Grew up and got sober in Los Angeles, Mexican Mom (The Warden) and Chinese Dad (100 years old), Wilma had 16 siblings. She was tall and skinny and they were all short.

They called her Olive Oil and she beat them up for it. Then they called her Popeye.

She is the only alcoholic or addict. Father is Buddhist and her brothers do not drink. She was a rotten no good kid with a bad attitude.

She went from active alcoholic and drug runner to sober quality control expert.

NOTE: The tape had to be digitally enhanced to remove background noise. The quality of the message is worth including it in this collection even if the technical quality, though acceptable, is not perfect.

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