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Willie B-Step Study-1985
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Willie presented this Step Workshop based on the Twelve and Twelve at a Big Book Study Weekend held annually with Joe McQ and Charlie P  of Arkansas at Pompano Beach, FL. Wesley P, a well known and loved old timer was instrumental in starting and continuing these intense study weekends. A Question and Answer session followed each presentation of a step by Willie.

Though well worth listening to, these Q&A sessions are omitted from the single MP3 format but are included in the TRACK format (ZIP file format). Also, Step 12 was from the 1986 Big Book Study where Willie was only one of many  speakers covering the steps rather than being the single presenter for all the steps (according to a flyer included in the tape box set).

Willie was a delightful, somewhat crusty, Texas school teacher who used the Twelve and Twelve as a study guide to the Big Book. She had a wild side including, apparently, riding her motorcycle. Her story by itself, given at an event in Tennessee is also available on WeJoy.


(#718) Willie B-1985-Step S12 (Spring, TX)
5/11/1985 in Pompano Beach, FL  EVENT: Big Book Seminar  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop, Steps


Note: This was included in a set from 1985 where for some reason the session on step 12 was either not held or not recorded. The taper seems to have included this later recording to complete the set.

(36 min) (8.3 MB) (id#718)