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(#1064) Willard P (Greensboro, NC)
Oct 1966 in Augusta, GA  EVENT: 13th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

From Area 16 Archives

Sober 17 years since 1949 and from the Central Group of AA in Greensboro, NC, he shares how he came to AA and how AA came to him.

He does not spend much time talking about his drinking.

He was living in an upstairs apartment, crawling, trying to get to the bathroom. He had met a man who asked him if he knew about AA. Willard had read about it when it started in Greensboro.

He called that man and stayed upstairs above the clubhouse for two weeks - and he needed to to dry out.

He came into AA an agnostic. Sobriety, he believes is a gift of God. It depends on how sick we are if we are going to get it.


This talk is from a Reel-to-reel recording held at the the Area 16 Archives room in Macon, GA.

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