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(#2675) Wendi T (Laguna Woods, CA)
7/20/2019 in Torrance, CA  EVENT: South Bay Serenity Group Speaker Meeting  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 15 years since 8/10/2003, 50 years old, Wendi grew up in an idyllic on the outside, middle income, country home in Pennsylvania.

But she felt she was the restless, fat little girl who thought everyone else was not doing it right.

Her parents got divorced when she was eight.

Wendi was sent by her mom to live with her dad while her mom went back to dental school.

That is when the rebellion began.

"When I am faced with a fact and I am faced with a feeling, without Alcoholics Anonymous, I turn to the feeling."

Her journey to recovery takes her to Venezuela, Denver, New York, Miami, Berlin until she collapsed back in California.

(42 min) (4.8 MB) (id#2675)