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(#1318) Wendi S (Jackson, MS)
7/14/2000 in Jackson, MS  EVENT: Central Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 11 years since 1989, Wendi drank alcoholically from her first drink at age 15. She went from booze, to pills to heroin. from straight-A student to dropping out of school.

Her disease was characterized by failed relationships, car accidents and friends in and out of treatment. Her parents helped her get into treatment where she went into a grand mal seizure. She ran away from treatment to avoid going to long term treatment. She relapsed for a week.

She asked God for help, called her brother and took her to her parents. They took her to long term treatment.

Without drugs and alcohol she was full of fear, in a fog with no desire yet to stop.

There she was told the boy she had relapsed with had died by overdose.

"I believe that God can bring good out of everything."

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