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(#1036) Vivian Q - Steps 8-9 (Hilton Head, SC)
5/31/2014 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Girlstock 2014  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps

Steps 8 and 9

Vivian shares her experience with these two steps in a format copied from the Woodstock of AA series in Nevada, Florida and Georgia.

Sober 20 years since 1/3/1994 (she originally joined AA in 1991), she tells the story that the Dodo bird flys in an ever narrowing circle until it flies up its own ass.

That was the story of her journey into the Program.

Her mother left her raging alcoholic father to raise her and 5 siblings as a single mom in North Carolina. Vivian was raised Catholic with many alcoholics in the family - none of which found the Program except Vivian's son.

She had a serious stomach problem as a child and was given the last rights three times. She was married at 18 and had all the material things she could want. After her daughter was born, Vivian began to drink more regularly.

Her drinking went from impulsive, to compulsive to repulsive.

Hope you enjoy sharing her journey out.

STEPS 6-7 - Katie P of Austin, TX

STEPS 10-11 - Georgia B of Los Angeles, CA

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