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(#1281) Vannoy S (Dallas, TX)
8/2/2014 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 39th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon 45 years since she came in 2/7/1969 in Lubbock, TX - her home town, Vannoy is one of the real characters in Al-Anon.

Her brother broke his neck when she was a little kid, left him paralyzed and the family in poverty.

Skinny with pimples, she was farmed out all over the place and came away with a sense of low self worth, shame and guilt.

The house smelled bad from all the urine and rotting flesh. There was no joy.

Then she discovered the west Texas honky-tonk and the men that frequent them.

A man whispering in her ear, "I need you.", did for her what a drink does for the alcoholic.

She traced that elusive thing for many years.

Great story. Funny and right on target.

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