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(#154) Vannoy S (Marina Del Ray, CA)
10/21-24/2004 in Jekyll Island, GA  EVENT: 51st Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Funny talk. Came in to Al-Anon 2/7/1969 (34 years) in Lubbock TX where she was born and raised. She now lives in California - and yes it is the land of fruits and nuts. She got as much from AA as she did from Al-Anon. Hates alcoholism but the loves the alcoholic - especially when they are sober. Her parents fought alot with strange ideas about religion. Vannoy left that all behind found and loved the honky-tonks. She lived with an alcoholic until she could not take anymore. Thought of suicide but could not do that to the kids. She called AA in the phone book. An AA couple came and did not care that she was just an Al-Anon. They took her to her first meeting. She loved it from the very beginning. She explains how the steps changed her life. Her husband tried AA but went back to drinking for over 20 years. She left him after 7 years.

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