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(#1178) Uncle Fred M (Savannah, GA)
2/4/1973 in Decatur, GA  EVENT: Decatur Group - Virgil W's  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Virgil W's 13th birthday meeting.

Virgil was the Delegate from Area 16 who, with Bill W's assistance, reorganized AA in Georgia to essentially what it is today.

Uncle Fred sat with Virgil when he was first drying out.

Fred sounds like someone who never left the farm but was, actually, a newspaper man who worked for different publishers all over the country.

Very colorful and excellent delivery with some great insights that are still valid today.

Also this is a glimpse into AA as it was in the early days.

At the end, Virgil is presented his medallion by his wife Margaret and son Chuck who was only 11 years old when Virgil got sober.

NOTE: This recording is from a reel-to-reel housed at the GSSA Archives in Macon, GA. The sound quality is excellent. The full session is included in the BURN version.

(53 min) (12.2 MB) (id#1178)