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(#4273) Uel K (Canton, GA)
5/25/2022 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Stepping Stones Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 41 years since 2/19/1981 at age 21, from the small town of Camilla in South Georgia, his father was a school superintendent who was killed in a hunting accident when Uel was four.

Raised by his mother and grandmother, there was lots of physical and sexual abuse when he was around 7 years old from other kids in the neighborhood.

"I share this not for sympathy but for identification."

A large percentage of men and women in treatment centers report they were abused but he feels the numbers are much higher for men than is reported.

There are many alcoholics on his family tree including his first stepfather.

"I believe this is a genetic thing because I have just seen it too many times."

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