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(#1059) Trish K (Canton, GA)
3/30/2016 in Canton, GA  EVENT: Stepping Stones Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 20 years since 6/23/1995, born in Philadelphia, Trish came from a great Catholic family with four brothers and sisters and a father in broadcasting that moved them around alot.

While everyone was out doing things Trish was in her closet and overly sensitive.

When the family moved to California, her sister discovered alcohol and the focus of the family turned to her sister and she was the wheel that did not squeak - until they moved to Houston, TX and Trish found alcohol.

She got involved in a non-drinking cult for two years that basically ran her life. Her mother in tears told her she had to get out so Trish did.

She managed to get into college in Michigan after many attempts. Her drinking there was not like her friends. She has been hospitalized many times for anxiety. She graduated with a degree in Psychology. Later she decided to go to Law school in Michigan. She made it through with honors in three years working by day, school at night and drinking a fifth of vodka a day.

A terrified lawyer in three states, she moved to Georgia 11 years sober with a great story about how she came to practice law in Georgia.

A current cancer survivor, she shares how her sponsor, who recently died from cancer, taught her how to die spiritually.

(49 min) (11.3 MB) (id#1059)