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(#266) Trish C (Roanoke, VA)
Sept 1993 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 22nd Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A funny speaker and sober since 2/23/1992 (last drink in 1987), she was born in West Virginia on a dairy farm that did not last. Her dad decided to go into insurance and was transferred from the country to Roanoke. A daddy's girl and tomboy, she grew up in a good home. Neither parent was alcoholic but her grandfather died of the disease. Her brother broke his neck in a car wreck in high school hanging with the wrong crowd. She swore she would never drink but within 3 years she was hanging and drinking with the same crowd her brother had.The accident was a point when she felt the family's attention turned toward her brother. Her dad could never work again from a nervous breakdown. Her brother died of acoronary5 years after the accident. The family was blown apart. She got into an abusive relationship and was herself loud and abusive but yet underneath she really wanted a normal life. She was driving drunk in 1982 with her 16 month old daughter Amanda and crashed killing her daughter. She did not stop drinking until 1987 and was not fully sober until 1992.

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