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(#686) Trey W (Woodstock, GA)
5/2/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 25 years since 9/26/1989, Trey was born in 1961 in Gainesville, GA and grew up in Metro Atlanta. Two grandfathers were alcoholic - one died drunk, the other died sober. He definitely qualifies as an alcoholic but many different types of drugs are also a part of his story. Successful in school up to his senior year in high school when at first drugs and then alcohol began to take control. He flunked out of the University of Georgia the first semester.

Back in Atlanta, he found work in restaurants and bars - sometimes getting paid well but he seemed to always spend all he had even when he did not want to. He was unable to maintain long term relationships.

He first was exposed to the 12 steps in Cocaine Anonymous (CA). He identified with the members and was successful for a time until a night job made it difficult for him to find a meeting. He began to also go to AA meetings at the Triangle Club in Atlanta before his night shift.

In sobriety he has gotten married, had kids, gone through a tough and unexpected divorce, lost a close friend to the disease remarried and come to terms with character defects. Along that journey he discovered how much God loves him, the power of prayer and reliance and the healing that is available through the wisdom and experience of the fellowship of AA.

Powerful talk. Solid sobriety. Thanks for sharing Trey.

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