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(#778) Tracy S (Woodstock, GA)
10/3/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 8 years since 7/22/2007, Tracy was born in Germany when her alcoholic dad was in the military. Between 4 and 9 years old she lived in Colorado and Ohio. Out of the military, her dad took a geographic cure and moved the family to Atlanta. He stayed sober for a time but relapsed. She always had a fascination with alcohol. She did well in high school and graduated early to be done with it.

She felt uncomfortable in her own skin unless she was drinking. She did other drugs but only to be part of the crowd or to enable her to drink more. She worked in bars and restaurant management where there was always drinking. She performed well until the later years of her drinking. She had one DUI and lost her license for a year. Later her sister "hijacked" her in a blackout to Macon and had her sign a contract to stay under her care until her sister said she could go. That did not last.

Eventually a stay at home blackout drinker she found the HOW Place clubhouse in Woodstock, GA and stayed there with other newcomers all day except to go home to sleep because she and the others did not trust themselves to be alone. She went thru the steps using Novelco and has since facilitated some of those sessions. It says we recover from a "seemingly" hopeless state. It is only seemingly. If you are new remember it is only seemingly - it is not hopeless.

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