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(#1575) Tony G (Columbia, SC)
1/5-7/2007 in Asheville, NC  EVENT: Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky XXII  TYPE: NA, Male, Story


Extremely enthusiastic member, Tony got clean in New York City.

He started using at 12 years old and got clean at age 42. He was a 42 year old child. He had to learn the language of recovery the same way a baby has to learn to talk.

Tony bounced in and out of the Program for 18 months.

He says a great way to tell if you are an addict is to ask yourself this question:

"Did you ever spend all your money on drugs?"

"If you don't use, your life can get better...a day at a time."

After he got sober his addiction changed addresses.

He has to pay attention to his disease of addiction.

Recovery is a loving and caring process.

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