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(#786) Tom O (Lake Providence, LA)
1980 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 3rd Cornhuskers Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober since 1956, Tom has a delightfully articulate Louisianna style. He says he is an alcoholic. What he has you can't inherit from your parents - you have to work at it. He started drinking because the group was, even though he knew he would be better off not doing it. He came into AA as a phony at the end of his rope. He reached a point where he had no other alternative.

Tom say, "When you have no further alternatives, you no longer have a problem." In AA he learned how to stop drinking, which was easy. The hardest job was to stay stopped and stay sober.

(1 hr 15 min) (17.4 MB) (id#786)