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(#1155) Tom I - Steps 8 - 9 (Southern Pines, NC)
12/4/2010 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 2nd Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps, Story

Steps 8 and 9

Sober 53 years since 2/2/1957, Tom is not doing well at the time of this entry.

I remember sitting with him one-on-one at this event for 45 minutes discussing how to handle a particularly sensitive issue.

I came away with a realization that he was above all accessible and his level of Peace, Serenity and Commitment were attainable by anyone who sincerely wanted it and took action.

He throws two things in before he starts on Steps 8 and 9:

First: The previous weekend he took time to go to Stepping Stones for the first time, shares what it was like and encourages all to go. He shares about meeting Ebby T. He believes knowing our history is about understanding what is important.

Second: "I want to reinforce the notion that the most noble Alcoholics Anonymous will every be will be when one alcoholic reaches out to another alcoholic...All the rest is background music."

The first three steps build the foundation. The next four (4 thru 7) deal with causes and conditions.

"There are more suicides in early sobriety than in active alcoholism."

The Big Book was not emphasized when and where he came into AA. He did his first 5th Step in a maximum security penitentiary with an inmate convicted robber who was well centered in the Program. You do not need perfect conditions to do a 5th Step.

Enjoy the wisdom that follows when he decided after that Step to do something different and pursue a decent life.

He calls Steps 8 and 9 "The Freedom Steps".

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