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(#908) Bob B, Sandy B and Clancy I (St. Paul MN, Tampa FL, Venice CA)
12/7/2013 in Buford, GA  EVENT: 5th Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Three Wise Men

Bob, Sandy and Clancy have over over 151 years of sobriety combined. Indeed, Sandy celebrated his 49th year the day of this panel.

Each shares their experience, strength and hope.

Bob shares on what is different in AA now compared to when he first came into the rooms. Fascinating.

Sandy takes a rare moment to talk about himself and how his spiritual program was not as strong as he thought it was when the physical pain came in and stayed. His life recently has been like the perfect storm. His connection with his Creator has made for a much better outcome.

Clancy is not as optimistic as the others about the future of AA. He discusses the Pockets of Enthusiasm in AA surround by vast areas of grey. The Pockets share one thing - a strong sponsorship ethic.

(48 min) (16.5 MB) (id#908)