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(#4388) Polly P, Mildred F, Bob B (Jacksonville, FL, Toronto, ON, St Paul, MN)
11/19/2022 in Buford, GA  EVENT: Woodstock of the South 2022  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop


Originally called Three Wise Men in reference to the Christmas Season and selecting three members at the event with the longest time in the Program, they had to rename it when the women started out living the men!

Here we have two women and one man with a combined 153 years of sobriety!

Polly P of Jacksonville, FL with 50 years since 4/11/1972

Mildred F of Toronto, ON with 49 years since 5/18/1973

Bob B of St. Paul, MN with 54 years since 12/10/1967

(51 min) (11.8 MB) (id#4388)