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(#1454) Bill W and Staff - This is GSO (New York, NY)
5/18/1968 in Macon, GA  EVENT: This is GSO - Soundtrack  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Historical


In 1968, the General Service Office (GSO) released a film strip with audio that was viewed at the Area 16 Assembly in Macon, GA on Saturday as part of the Educational portion of the weekend.

"This is GSO" soundtrack from the film strip No. 3, newly released in 1968:

  • Message from Bill W
  • Introduction by current GSO General Manager Bob H.
  • Waneta N speaking about Public Relations
  • Beth K speaking about Group Issues
  • Cora Louise B speaking about Literature
  • Eve R Staff Coordinator speaking about Correspondence and The World Directory
  • Ann speaking about AA Overseas (with GSO since 1948). There were 90 countries in AA at the time
  • Hazel R - Service Coordinator speaking about the newly created eight AA Guidelines:
  1. Public Information
  2. Institutional Committees
  3. Court Rooms
  4. Armed Forces
  5. AA Conventions and Conferences
  6. Central Offices and Intergroup Committees
  7. Rehabilitation Centers
  8. Clubhouses

    and speaks about Box 459 (used to be called the Exchange Bulletin) and the film Bill's Own Story
  • Midge from Boston came to GSO in 1962 speaking about the General Service Conference and her role as Secretary
  • Bob H then introduces the non-alcoholic staff
  • GSO Chairman John L Norris - Class A Trustee gives the final message

NOTE: This recording had "dings" at each point where, I assume, the still picture was changed to match the audio. These "dings" have been removed from this recording but have been retained in the original version in our archives.

GSSA Reel #R00-0062-S2-M2

(40 min) (9.3 MB) (id#1454)