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(#1847) Terri K (Woodville, OH)
7/1/2017 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: 36th Music City Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 25 years since 10/17/1993, Terri still lives in the small town where she was raised by her sister. Her single mom was a bartender and was rarely there in the evenings. Some weekends mom would disappear and leave her 7 and 9 year old daughters to fend for themselves.

Terri always knew there was something not quite right with her.

She had her first drink at age 16 and her last at 28.

She moved in with a 32 year old drug lord when she was 16 and was full blown, black-out alcoholic by age 18.

On 4/3/1993, midnight Friday, drinking since 5 pm with her sister, driving to another bar, she hit a car head on and killed a 14 year old boy.

"Then the gig was up...Those are the sorts of things that practicing alcoholics do."

Her whole life changed from that moment.

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