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(#2185) Ted H (Riverside, CA)
6/15/1989 in Eugene, OR  EVENT: Soberfest Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Quit Messing Around

Sober 21 years since 4/1/1968, Ted is an excellent communicator and the quality of the recording is superb.

He was a ski instructor who got to practice the principles when teaching his daughter on her first black diamond.

Many funny stories and some quotable insights into AA that do not always jive with the "standard sayings" like:

"Don't drink, even if your ass falls off."

He has a very simple approach to Steps 4 through 7 that make some sense.

NOTE: This talk is 1.5 hours and was a little short to split into two. It will not fit on a single 80 minute CD but you can use the BURN button, if on a PC, to download the set of five minute tracks than can be split into two CDs.

(1 hr 30 min) (13.2 MB) (id#2185)