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(#262) Tasha W (Sumpter, SC)
10/19-22/2000 in Augusta, GA  EVENT: 47th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Tasha is a lively and articulate member of Alateen. Born into an alcoholic family, her parents divorced when she was one. Her mom soon got aconvenient husband and they moved to a small town.Her step-dad payed her $5 not to tell her mom he had been drinking (though she told her anyway). At first it was OK to live in an alcoholic home because she knew how to get what she wanted and there were no rules. She learned to cover up for the stumbling, passed out parents at home. Her mom insisted her husband go to treatment or she was leaving, ignoring her own drinking. He got out and drank again. This repeated. Tasha was being molested by her step-dad while all this was going on. When she hinted to her mom about the sexual abuse, her mother mentioned it to her husband but lived in denial. She finally got rid of him but managed to marry four times to alcoholics. Her mother started in Al-Anon first but then it dawned on her that she was alcoholic.

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