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(#1712) Tanya E (Wailuku, Maui)
2/8/2000 in Honolulu, HI  EVENT: 37th IAAWC  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

37th IAAWC - International AA Women's Conference

Sober 19 years since 1980, Tanya loves those moments in sobriety that take her breath away.

When she came in she wanted to kill herself in a nice neat way that would not leave a mess behind.

She drank first at age 17 on a date with the captain of the football team she had a terrible crush on. She came to in the back of his car, buttoning her blouse - terribly ashamed. She swore not to do it again but did it often,

"with many men and some women ... I think, but I can't remember."

She swore she would not drink like her alcoholic mother, she drank different - like a pig.

She once lived with a man for six months and could not remember his face; married another but could not at first recall his last name when, years later, she needed to get a divorce.

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