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(#1823) Sybil C (Los Angeles, CA)
5/7/1988 in Lodi, CA  EVENT: 1st Delta Intergroup AA Festival  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 47 years since 1941, Sybil had the longest sobriety of any woman in California for many years.

Frequently married, her name reads like a telephone book (if you remember what those were!).

A delightful speaker, she reads from the September 30, 1939 article, Alcoholics and God, by Fulton Oursler in Liberty Magazine. That was Sybil's first exposure to AA.

Then in March 1941, she stumbled on the Saturday Evening Post article by Jack Alexander and decided to check out AA.

NOTE: This was one of the early recordings I received when I was six months sober. I was given the tape by Mr. Ed. He also got me started going to jail meetings - which I continue to do. He died sober. He was one of the real characters in AA - which is saying alot!

Miss you, you old buzzard!

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