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(#1804) Sue S (Shreveport, LA)
Nov 1985 in Amarillo, TX  EVENT: Midwinter Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon 22 years since March 1963, Sue says,

"I qualify for the program of Al-Anon because my husband tells me he's an alcoholic and I believe him! I have not always believed everything he's told me."

Born in Camden, AR, the youngest of four in a good Christian home. There was no alcohol there.

She decide to be a cute, sweet person - but too much sweet can make you sick.

She met her husband of 32 years, Casey, on a blind date.

She went to Chicago to dental hygiene school and got educated in more than one way. But she returned often to Camden to see Casey.

She decided to marry him even though she was warned he was an alcoholic. She thought her "magic love potion" would tame his drinking.

They moved to Fayetteville, AR then Kansas City and he went to dental school. Then the five children started arriving.

But he kept drinking and she started talking and explaining to him about it - regularly.

He graduated, they moved to Shreveport, he started his practice, Sue worked in his office and appointed herself "watchdog".

She started to nurture a deep resentment and relished hurting him when he was down.

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