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(#1387) Sue F (West Palm Beach, FL)
3/5/1995 in Gulf Shores, MS  EVENT: 11th Gulf Shores Jubilee  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Fill-in Sunday speaker, sober 21 years since 12/14/1973 Sue had 7 kids by the time she was 23. Born dirt floor poor in West Virginia, she married at 16 for 13 years to a man who got violent when drunk.

Sue tried on her own three times to kill him: with a frying pan to the head, causing him to walk in a manhole, shooting and, with the urging of her daughter, poisoning.

A wealthy non-alcoholic met her while she was go-go dancing, paid for her divorce, agreed to marry her and give her children a good education.

But that was not enough to get Sue sober.

In the end sometimes a case of beer would not get her drunk and the next day two beers would get her wasted - Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair.

Funny and passionate about AA and recovery.

(50 min) (11.5 MB) (id#1387)