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(#219) Stu B (Baltimore, MD)
6/18/1989 in Ft. Worth, TX  EVENT: 44th Annual Texas State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Funny talk. Sober since 3/12/1966, Stu says laughing at ourselves is a sign 0f getting well. First came into AA in 1964 at age 23 in tears. He started drinking at 14 and got sober at age 25. Used his relative youth as an excuse to drink. He would not have survived much longer the way he drank. Thought sobriety was going to be boring with cobwebs growing on him in a corner. Came from a family of seven children. His mother at 74 has never had a drink. His dad only had a few his whole life. None of his siblings have a problem with drugs or alcohol. He thinks you have to drink to be an alcoholic and you have to stop drinking to get sober. He was the kind of a kid your parents didn't want you to play with. He was bad kid, back row dummy, shy, bashful and immature. Lost everything he had sober and did not drink Regrouped and now lives in the kind of neighborhood he never thought he could afford.

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