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(#1117) Steve T (Escondido, CA)
3/18/2016 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 69th Atlanta Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Steve had to work his way up to being a lier. He was a fabricator - he made stuff up as he went along.

Born in 1942 in Detroit, his parents got divorced in 1945. Steve and his sister were made wards of the court and lived with his grandparents where he was severely disciplined. From this and others he learned to distrust adults and the sheriff.

This mistrust has only recently been lifted.

He drank for 22 years and it was a solution for the first 20 of those years.

In the last two years when he was drinking all he could think about was not drinking and when he was sober all he could think about was drinking. Steve calls this insanity.

He came into AA without a friend in the world suffering lonliness as few do.

Steve was helped in early sobriety in the San Diego area by Ken D, one of my favorite speakers whom I spent some time with in Cartersville, GA in 2006.

I met Seve in the line for check-in at this event and ran into him several times after that once discussing the 6th step and NOT working on my character defects.

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