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(#2366) Stephanie S (Acworth, GA)
12/1/2018 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 3 years since 9/8/2015, Stephanie is the daughter of a Vietnam vet with PTSD.

His fear became her fear.

Her dad forced her to go to Georgia Tech which she left in the first year.

She had her daughter, got married and started in banking at age 20.

She found her purpose as a mother, found a place where she was accepted and successful but was unhappy.

She went to church and had a God. After she lost weight, she started getting attention and drinking.

Her daughter started fainting at odd times. They went to many doctors and finally found a cardiologist who diagnosed her daughter as having a long QT wave which most do not survive.

Her fear was exponential and the only relief she ever knew was drinking. Her husband was in denial. Her daughter in counseling.

She had no coping skills, started drinking more and started having consequences.

She started drinking alone in her car.

She had a DUI and came into AA in 2010.

Something special happened when she came into the rooms. She started feeling better, changed jobs and stopped going to meetings.

She started binge drinking, was killing her family but she could not stop.

Her marriage ended in 2012. She thought she would now not have to drink because he was the problem.

She got drunk on anger for a time.

In a very "Jerry Springer" way she found her current husband, Kyle, whose father died of alcoholism. He was understanding.

She got her second DUI in 2013. She retired rather than be fired and moved to Arkansas with Kyle.

Then she got her third DUI when Kyle was visiting family in Alaska.

Soon after, he reached his limit. She went to a Christian recovery home where she had all of the darkness hugged out of her.

"I definitely had my spiritual awakening there."

She was sentenced to Cobb DUI Court. She is very grateful for that.

She started a quest based on wanting to be of service.

And that story makes this a wonderful addition to WeJoy.

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