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(#1113) Soletia H (Eufala, AL)
2/12/1971 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 1st Pine Mountain Fellowship  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Area 16 Archives

Sober 25 years since 1/6/1946, Soletia was born in Guatemala. Her father was from the USA, her mother from Central America. They moved back to America for her to go to school though she spoke no English.

She skipped several grades in middle and high school but got married at 17 rather than accept a scholarship to college.

Her husband was against her drinking and told her he would not live with a wife who drank. She did not drink for a while and he almost left when she started. Then she got him to start drinking and they both became raging alcoholics.

Their two oldest daughters went to Mobile, AL to live with a relative and go to a Catholic boarding school. Their youngest son was left to attempt to survive in an alcoholic home.

In the end neither her priest nor her mother would come to see Soletia. Her 10 year old son left her a note and walked from Eufala to Clayton, AL.

It took several calls to triple-A before the operator connector with AA in Montgomery, AL. The only group there was just two years old.

A visiting female alcoholic helped get Soletia into a small private detox north of Montgomery. Later her husband came into the Program.

In sobriety, her husband died after a six year illness, her son died while still in college but she stayed sober.

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