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(#145) Sinnamon H (Chattanooga, TN)
5/25-27/1987 in Chattanooga, TN  EVENT: 14th Annual Tennessee State Al-Anon Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Alateen country girl. Emotional talk. Relatively new to the program but really committed. Her dad was an alcoholic preacher. Not a good profession for an alcoholic. Family would constantly make excuses and cover up for him. Things kept getting worse until they left him and went to Florida for a while though he threatened her mother with a shotgun. Her mom took him back and he was fine for a time but started drinking after a time. Things got even worse. Sinnamon thought she ws the reason for his drinking. They left him again. She had to grow up fast and got with the wrong crowd. Mom got physically and emotionally sick and hysterical. Mom joined Al-Anon and got remarried to a wonderful man. Sinnamon came to Alateen as a Christmas present for her mom. She thought she had it together but she was a basket case. But felt 10 years younger and lighter and so kept coming back. Once she started the steps it did not seem like the same meeting. Now knows that there is nothing she can do for her dad but pray for him and love him and hope he can overcome.

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