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(#258) Shelly E (Omaha, NE)
8/19/2000 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 23rd Cornhuskers Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

19 years in the program since 1981, she recently returned to live in Omaha fromCincinnati. Her qualifiers are grandparents, ex-husband and current husband. She was always attracted to people who never were where they were supposed to be. Her dad was a police officer. He trained her to responsible. She liked the alcoholics who did fun and crazy things but she could watch from a safe distance. She lived on the fringe of the most popular groups and that was enough. She had many unrealistic fears that she never shared with anyone. She lived three years in a roller-coaster world. Her disease isolated her in her home where she thought she could be in control. She planned his funeral. Her family worried about her. She came to her first Al-Anon meeting through her uncle who was in AA. She did not think she needed it. She gave her husband a choice - treatment or divorce - hoping he picked divorce but he picked treatment. She came to her first Cornhusker Roundup 19 years ago where she planned his recovery. Later she entered Al-Anon for her. She did not feel at home but felt she could help these poor people. Her ex-husband decided he did not need AA any more but she continued to go to Al-Anon but did not work the steps. He drank again. She tried to heal the marriage with babies. Then she met a woman who had what she wanted, got active and got a divorce. She finally felt free.

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