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(#277) Shaaron J (Columbus, OH)
1/19/2001 in Corpus Christi, OH  EVENT: 47th Jamboree  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 22 years to the day since 1/19/1979, Shaaron is a lively, active member of AA. She qualifies why she needs to qualify as an alcoholic. She was born in Columbus, an adopted only child, fully self-centered who used her adoption to get her lots of free drinks over the years. None of this is the reason she is an alcoholic. She knows her real parents today. She was always afraid of everyone and everything and got angry whenever she heard the word "No". She felt less than and spent her life trying to prove she was OK. She does not remember her childhood because she did not participate in it - she was always up in her head. She wanted what you had and when she got it it was never enough. Today in AA she has what she needs and wants very little extra.

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